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DSiWare Rom Release List

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Nintendo DSi Rom files are games that have been ripped from the NDSi cartridges and stored on a PC as nintendo dsi roms that you can now play with an emulator or put on to a DSi Flash Card and play on Nintendo DSi totally free.



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Art_Style_DECODE_JPN_READNFO_DSiWARE_NDS-BAHAMUT Title: Art Style - DECODE Country......: Japan Languages....: Japanese Release Date.: 2008/12/24 Street Date..: 2008/12/24 System.......: Nintendo DSiWare Format.......: .bin/.lst Size.........: 3 * 5 MB Filename.....: b-asdecode

An elegantly designed puzzle game with polished graphics and pick-up and play controls that create an experience focused purely on fun and engaging gameplay

Of course one DSi game isn't enough in order to provide experimental dumps and an insight to the DSi format, so here we bring you a sweet little puzzle game. Same deal as the Wario title. Good luck to the elf that works out how to play these. Merry Christmas!


How to play DSiWare Games (NDSi Roms)

DSi Rom files have been dumped (backups made) but at this time there is no way to play them with an emulator like No$GBA, DeSmume or with any of the DSi Flash Cards. (DSi flash cartridges do work with regular NDS roms - not with new iDS) If you follow the scene You should remember how WiiWare took a lot longer to crack if compared to how quickly we were able to boot wii isos.

So download the dsi ware ndsi roms now - play them later when we figure out how to get them to boot from a flash cartridge or Nintendo DS / NDS Lite emulators are updated to include Nintendo DSi features like
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